Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone

Photo 1 of 8Claes Oldenburg. Floor Cone (the Devils Ice Cream) (exceptional Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #1)Next

Claes Oldenburg. Floor Cone (the Devils Ice Cream) (exceptional Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #1)

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    Ol•den•burg (ōldən bûrg′; for 2, 3 also Ger. ōldən bŏŏrk′),USA pronunciation n. 
      Claes (Thu•re)  (klous tŏŏrə),USA pronunciation born 1929, U.S. sculptor, born in Sweden.
    1. a former state in NW Germany, now part of Lower Saxony.
    2. a city in Lower Saxony in NW Germany: former capital of Oldenburg. 140,200.


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    Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone have 8 pictures including Claes Oldenburg. Floor Cone, Stock Photo - Visitors Stand Next To The Work \, Floor Cone | By Afagen Floor Cone | By Afagen, Claes Oldenburg Sitting On 'Floor Cone,' 404 East 14th Street, New York, Soft Sculpture, Floor Cake, MoMA Gallery, Detail - Filling Inside Cake, Claes Oldenburg, Floor Burger, 1962. Below are the attachments:

    Stock Photo - Visitors Stand Next To The Work \

    Stock Photo - Visitors Stand Next To The Work \

    Floor Cone | By Afagen Floor Cone | By Afagen

    Floor Cone | By Afagen Floor Cone | By Afagen

    Claes Oldenburg Sitting On 'Floor Cone,' 404 East 14th Street, New York

    Claes Oldenburg Sitting On 'Floor Cone,' 404 East 14th Street, New York

    Soft Sculpture
    Soft Sculpture
    Floor Cake, MoMA Gallery
    Floor Cake, MoMA Gallery
    Detail - Filling Inside Cake
    Detail - Filling Inside Cake
    Claes Oldenburg, Floor Burger, 1962
    Claes Oldenburg, Floor Burger, 1962
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    Claes Oldenburg. Floor Cone (the Devils Ice Cream) (exceptional Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #1)Stock Photo - Visitors Stand Next To The Work \ (delightful Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #2)Floor Cone | By Afagen Floor Cone | By Afagen (awesome Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #3)Claes Oldenburg Sitting On 'Floor Cone,' 404 East 14th Street, New York (marvelous Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #4)Soft Sculpture (nice Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #5)Floor Cake, MoMA Gallery (superb Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #6)Detail - Filling Inside Cake (wonderful Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #7)Claes Oldenburg, Floor Burger, 1962 (superior Claes Oldenburg Floor Cone #8)

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